Tamer of the Clouds

Published by Sipar, 2015. Ilustrated by Tomislav Tomić

On a faraway mountain live the Krots, a people who know the secret of taming clouds. Admiring their powers, a boy named Petar becomes their pupil. Soon, however, he realizes that he can only become a cloud tamer if he relinquishes all emotions. If he succeeds, he will become a true tamer—glorious, cold and superior. However, here is Cloudlet, his little friend who has taken over Petar's voice and does not stop speaking to him about feelings. While Petar battles with himself, the Krots, and the clouds, something that would change him completely happens... For the first time he makes the acquaintance of the feeling known as love.

A Love Legend

Published by Intensa Vita, 2016. Ilustrated by Ivana Štrukelj.

In a distant chilly land at the very edge of the world lived young king Nando. For years and years, Nando had been trying to build an instrument known as love in his castle keep. Then he heard from a world traveler that the love might be found in warmer climes. Nando ventures off in search of this marvelous instrument though he cannot be sure whether it is real or merely a legend. On the back of Godi the bird, he arrives in Croatia where a water fairy, a mermaid, and other helpers introduce him to parts of the legend about the love that will open his heart.